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Pentair Hypro Pumps

Pentair Hypro Pumps

Spray pumps are a critical part of every spray system, ensuring that you have the flow and pressure required for your specific application.
Our pumps are designed and manufactured to meet today's ever increasing needs.
From non-positive displacement pumps, like centrifugal pumps, to positive displacement pumps, diaphragm and roller pumps, we have the pump you need to keep your spray system running smoothly.

Centrifugal Pumps

Pentair Hypro Pumps - Centrifugal Pumps
  • Rotate at high speed to create centrifugal force
  • Low maintenance requirement and simple operation
  • Self-priming options available
  • Simple plumbing and operation
  • Suitable for high volume chemical application and liquid transfer
  • Ideal for self-propelled sprayers

Polypropylene Transfer Pumps

High capacity Centrifugal Pumps for tank filling and liquid transfer


Hypro's range of Transfer Pumps are ideal for high capacity liquid transfer, offering flow rates up to 1,730 litres per minute.
Available with 2" (50 mm) or 3" (76 mm) inlet and outlet, driven by hydraulic motor, electric motor or close-coupled to a petrol engine.

  • Polypropylene pump housings suitable for corrosive environments
  • EPDM mechanical seal and inlet valve for longevity and reliability
  • Handle solid suspension particles up to 0.95 cm in diameter
  • Maximum pressure 4 bar
  • Self-priming (after initial filling) with maximum suction height > 5 metres

3" Hydraulic Motor:
9343P-GM10Y-SP / 9343P-GM6Y-SP

  • 3" (76 mm) intake & discharge
  • 2 motor options: GM6 flow up to 1,550 l/min, GM10 flow up to 1,730 l/min
  • Offered with case drain (can be deleted as an option)
  • Poly impeller with stainless steel inserts for durability
  • Pump head replacement kit (3430-0692), EPDM seal kit (3430-0757)

2" Hydraulic Motor:
9342P-HM 5C-5SP / 9342P-HM 1C-5SP

  • 2" (50 mm) intake & discharge
  • 2 motor options: HM1C flow up to 730 l/minl, HM5C flow up to 750 l/min
  • 5 vane nylon impellers for strength
  • Pump head replacement kit (3430-0648), EPDM seal kit (3430-0635)

2" coupled to petrol engine:

  • Close coupled to 6.5HP petrol engine
  • 2" intake & discharge, Up to 757 litres/min
  • Engine features; built-in low-oil sensor to prevent seizing, manual throttle, choke, fuel valve and engine shut-off controls

2" coupled to ELECTRIC MOTOR:
9742P-050SPT(3) / 9742P-075SPT3

  • 5 HP single/3-phase or 7 HP 3-phase options
  • Fan cooled motor enclosed for protection against weather, dust and moisture
  • 2" intake & discharge, Up to 606 litres/min at 50 Hz

Roller Pumps

Suitable for small and medium Sprayers


Hypro roller pumps are amongst the most widely used pumps in agriculture worldwide.
These positive displacement pumps are self-priming so they can be easily located on the sprayer.
Ideal for pumping agrochemicals and other non-abrasive liquids.
Used in crop sprayers, disinfection systems and industrial cleaning systems.

  • Smooth pumping created by 4 or 8 rollers revolving inside a pump housing to force fluid along
  • Compact design and light weight, options from 2.3 kg to 13 kg
  • Casing options: Cast iron, nickel alloy and stainless steel alloy suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals
    - Silver Series XL stainless steel alloy offers up to 10 times longer life than other materials where durability is needed
  • Buna, TeflonĀ® and polypropylene roller options. VitonĀ® or Buna-N seals for a range of chemical tolerance
  • Maximum pressure 20.7 bar and a range of outputs from 7.6 to 235 l/min
  • A range of drives including hydraulic, PTO, petrol or electric. Can also connect directly to the tractor PTO with 540 or 1000 rpm using an appropriate adaptor
  • Simple design and installation, does not require complicated maintenance

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