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Enduramaxx Tanks

Enduramaxx Tanks

Enduramaxx are a leading UK company that designs and manufactures an extensive range of quality polyethylene products for agricultural, industrial and construction applications.
From WRAS and DWI approved drinking water and beverage storage tanks to bunded chemical storage solutions, they work within many industries across the UK offering a fast, easy and supportive experience to a diverse customer base.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Designed for both domestic and commercial applications.

These tanks, known as vertical storage tanks or water storage tanks, provide the water storage element for Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Available in various sizes ranging from 150 litres to 90,000 litres, they'll be a size of tank to allow you to store rainwater as per your requirements and use it at your convenience.

Made from one-piece, rotationally moulded medium density polyethene, meaning there are minimal installation and assembly costs compared to traditional, sectional metal tanks.

Available as above-ground or underground.

Water Storage Tanks

These come in a wide variety of plastic tank starting at 50 litres to 100,000 Litres.

Can be used for a variety of different applications.

So if you are looking to purchase large rainwater tanks for commercial water storage, then we are sure to have a suitable product available.

Perhaps you are a homeowner looking for a slimline rainwater tank for the garden.

Or maybe a large capacity rainwater harvesting tank to store rainwater or maybe potable water tanks for drinking on a construction site or borehole installation.

Above ground and underground water tanks are used for storing water for rainwater harvesting systems, flushing toilets, garden water storage with baffled tanks used for car valeting and window cleaning companies.

Chemical Storage Tanks

Manufactured to hold acids, chemicals and liquids with a specific gravity of up to 2 SG.

Available in 25 sizes, ranging from 50 litres to 30,000 litres, these plastic chemical tanks are engineered and constructed as a one-piece moulded tank with no joins or seams.

Made from the highest-grade materials using the latest technologies in rotationally moulded UV stabilisation, ensuring excellent resistance.

The high specification design of every product plastic chemical tank meets the solution to any requirement.

The plastic chemical tank range is manufactured with lifting lugs, overflow, inlet and outlet locations that can take up to 150mm fitting(s).

ATV/UTV Spraying Units

Choose from a wide selection of ATV/Quad Sprayers, UTV sprayers and Trailer Sprayers.

The sprayer tanks are rotationally moulded for strength and durability in 60, 90, 200, 300 & 400 Litre capacities.

Fitted with Delavan 12 volt electric pumps. These are either 3.8L/min, 8.3L/min or 15L/min.

Optional accessories include hose reels and spray boom kits for fast and effective fertiliser, pesticide and weed spraying.

While spraying is the accepted method for weed control in many applications, please ensure you always follow the chemical manufacturer's guidelines for where and when to spray.

Whether you are spraying over a wide area with a boom or spot-treating weeds with a hand-lance, this sprayer range gives you a complete set of tools to handle spraying jobs both large and small.

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