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BFS Nozzles

Air Bubble

BfS Air Bubble Jet

Award winning, internationally renowned and industry leading range of air induction nozzles.

Manufactured in Britain, these precision made LERAP 3 star rated nozzles are suitable for most sprayers including VLV, HV applications and knapsacks.

Ten nozzle variations are available with application rates ranging from 20 – 905 litres per hectare.

ExRay XC

BfS ExRay XC Low Drift Nozzle

Achieve up to 90% drift reduction, and cover a wider application rate (volume) from each nozzle size in use.

Get the same rates of coverage that you would normally need 3 nozzles to achieve.

The nozzles are available as either straight down or angled (30 degree) versions.


BfS PulZar Nozzle

PWM bodies will enable the correct application from each nozzle even when going around a corner where the outer edge of the boom is travelling much faster than the inner edge, so giving a lower rate of application.

PWM corrects this by changing the duty cycle at each nozzle to compensate accordingly.

Standard Flat Fan

Standard Flat Fan Nozzle

Conventional flat fan (110°) nozzles ideal for the overall spray application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators.

Moulded in polyacetal and colour coded to ISO guidelines.


BfS STS Narrow Angle Nozzle

An air inclusion, 80° nozzle for use where nozzle body centres are at 25cm or 33cm spacing.

This allows for a lower boom height to be maintained to achieve the double overlap required for even application, and this lower boom height also results in less drift.